Monday, September 21, 2009


It's Monday. It's rather grey outside today and I'm tired. I would love to just go back to bed. But I have a meeting to get ready for and much to accomplish today. Sometimes you just have to light a fire under yourself, you know? I managed to drag myself out early this morning to write my very first guest post for Mamikaze. While I was hoping to meet Astacia in person this week at the type-a-mom conference, I will settle quite happily for a guest spot on her blog (more details about the guest post as it runs later this week). I admit I am feeling a little sad-sack about not going to the conference. But it's a busy week; I won't be bored. Plus I have a birthday coming up in a few days so that's giving this week a little extra sparkle. I'm turning 21 for the second time which feels rather momentous. And tomorrow is the first day of fall; clearly I am looking for any excuse to make myself smile. :-)


  1. Sorry to hear you spent the last day of summer on a grey day. I'm hoping autumn brings you sunnier days and a very happy upcoming birthday!!

  2. Hi. Leslie,
    Thanks for stopping by our site. I've enjoyed visiting with you on your site, too. I hope you did bake some cupcakes to brighten up this dreary start to Fall we're having.... I'm up the road in Montgomery Co., MD so we're sharing in the gray up here, too! I celebrate the anniversary of my favorite birthday (25) as well, and my dream kitchen sounds suspiciously like yours! We recently drove through Lancaster Co., PA on our way up to Maine over the summer, and I would so love to live in one of those wonderful old farmhouses with a big airy kitchen. : ) Hope you're feeling better.... don't let the "grays" get you down....

  3. Thanks for your comments & well wishes. I'm going to post about our cupcake day, it's amazing how a little sweet treat can perk up your mood! ;-)


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