Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chicken Love

Rooster 365
(12x12 original oil painting by Roz)

When I read that it was National Chicken month I excitedly clicked over to the link but was sad when I saw it was all about cooked chickens. I won't be including that link here! Not that I don't eat chickens; because I do. I guess it just burst my little idealistic bubble of celebrating the beauty of chickens rather than the eating of them. Chickens give so much to us. Where would our baked goods be without eggs? And they really make nice pets, though I'm still working on convincing my husband of that. We used to have a small flock of chickens and really enjoyed our time with them. Ours were free-range during the day and in the roost at night for safekeeping. We didn't eat our chickens, just their eggs. They are truly gentle, lovely creatures. I hope you enjoy this roundup of chicken-inspired loveliness. I'm thinking Rooster 365 would look especially nice hanging in our family room.

Chick Fabric (by Middleburg)

Marthas (5x5 fine art photo by bomobob)

Vintage Tea Towel Dream Pillow by TuttieLou

Grow Food Poster (12x18 poster by joeseppi)

Primitive Chicken Pin Cushion (by LookHappy's)


  1. Love all the Chickens... especially the Poster by joeseppi, It looks like a WPA poster for now, so cool.

  2. Love all of your chicken art Leslie! Hope you are feeling better too!


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