Wednesday, February 25, 2009


About a year ago I was introduced to by my good friend Courtney of feelings flash like fireflies. I've been putting off getting new glasses for a long time now. Too long. My poor old frames are over stretched and worn out. Today I remembered this super thrifty resource. They even have this feature where you can upload your photo and virtually try on different frames. If you wear glasses or know someone who does, please pass it on. Where else can you get a cute pair of glasses for $12.99?


  1. I think the virtual try-on feature is new. I can tell you that the glasses hold up pretty well, though. I don't wear mine that much, but Jess wears hers almost daily.

  2. If you're walking the line between style savvy and budget buying, is the retailer for you. It offers different variety of shapes, colors and styles for different individuals with different glasses styles.


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