Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Robot Love

[Not sure why the fonts are freaking out tonight in blogger.
Sorry for the inconsistent fonts & sizes in this post.]

My 8 year old is
really into robots. Early on it was Buzz Lightyear, later Iron Giant. He likes to build robots out of legos and found objects, draw them, read about them -- anything that has to do with robots, he's into it. So this evening, while Dad and Sis are at Middle School orientation we thought we'd have a little fun online hunting up interesting robots on etsy. You'll immediately notice that my son likes happy robots, not mean scary ones. I'm glad for that! Hope you enjoy our robot treasure hunt:

Barjan by Adoptabot

Robots, Rockets and UFO's Amigurumi Pattern set by AmyGaines

Set of 5 Miniature Robot Scenes by James Spicer

They Recycle print
by Hearts and Laserbeams

{He says this one reminds him of himself, since he has to take the garbage too!}

Manabot and Robotee Tshirt by hamburgerpanda

{This one reminds him of us, sweet!}

Note: I plan to do themed treasure hunts on etsy from time to time, writing posts featuring handmade artisans and their fabulous wares. I encourage you to buy handmade, supporting your friends, neighbors and fellow crafters.


  1. i think my boyfriend will enjoy this post! he hearts happy robots too! thanks for sharing.

  2. awwww, these are awesome robots for my recycling robot to be in company with! thanks so much for including me!

  3. The two of you might have fun browsing friendly robots over at my site ;)

  4. I love treasure hunting on etsy. Thanks for stopping by and for letting me share your art!

  5. Love all your picks! The red one of top is my favorite. :)


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