Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear Seattle Chocolates

Hi. I know you don't know me but I had to write to tell you that I think I'm in love with you. Before yesterday I didn't even know you existed but today you're all I can think about. You see, I was having a really stressful day. My schedule was tight, my tummy was sad and I was feeling...well, overwhelmed.

So I decided to swing into Foods of All Nations to pick up a little treat for myself. Maybe something chocolate, I thought. That would definitely make me feel better. This particular market has a huge chocolate selection and I found myself again, rather quickly, feeling overwhelmed trying to decide on just the right sweet treat. I knew I wanted something different, something I'd never had before.

And there you were, looking all cute in your colorful little wrapper. I got close enough to read your label and my heart lept: Coconut Macaroon, dark chocolate truffle bar with coconut and sea salt. You see, coconut is one of my favorites. But you already knew that, didn't you? And the idea of a hint of salty with my dark's like you could read my mind! I knew it was meant to be.

I picked you up and held you gently as we walked to the checkout counter. I hope you didn't mind being handled briefly by the clerk, she didn't mean any harm. And then you were mine, all mine! I could hardly wait to get to the car so we could be alone. I'm not one to kiss and tell, so let's just say you were the best candy bar I've ever had. No, I really mean it. THE. BEST. I only hope that you liked me too. Please keep in touch and lets get together again real soon, okay?



  1. okay. that is a great post!
    love it...headed over to my blog to point others to this post.
    hope that is alright? ;)
    splendid, leslie.

  2. You are so funny Leslie! I had to lol. These chocolates sounds soooo good. I have to try them. When I crave sweets I usually think of marzipan bars with dark chocolate. My mom loved them so I got to experience these almondy delights early in life. OK, I gotta run now. I'm heading to the nearest gourmet chocolate vendor!

  3. Thanks! Chocolate definitely shows us the love so I figured I should return the favor. I've never had choc covered marzipan but now I'm real curious, must find some. Did your Mom make her own?

  4. Yummy, that post made me crave chocolate just reading it. Thanks for the review, I will definately check that out next time we visit Food of All Nations, it is George and I's new favorite shopping spot, you know...since I've become a foodie and everything!

  5. Leslie- My mom would buy us the marzipan at a little local German chocolate shop. Most of the time it's sold shaped to look like fruits or animals.

    Have a wonderful sweet week ahead!

  6. That marzipan sounds so good! If I get real adventurous I might try to make some for the holidays. Thx for the link!

  7. This is not fair...we came over for a little visit, to thank you about "following" us, and you made us crave chocolate!!!!! So not fair!!!! LOL!!! Everything is better with chocolate, isn't it????
    Thank you once again!
    Marcela & Clara


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