Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I am on a real kick with french baked goods this week. Yet another recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, Brioche is something I've never tried but have always wondered about. I'd hoped to taste my first brioche in Paris, stopping by a patisserie for something sweet to nibble on while out for a stroll past the Seine. But seeing how that kind of travel isn't in my immediate future, I decided to make some myself. The dough is beautiful! Buttery yellow and the honey makes it smell divine. I even upped the ante by deciding to make the ganache filled brioche. I know, I am *so* bad. I think my first attempt went pretty well, though the american in me wishes the pastry was just a little sweeter and maybe have a hint of orange or almond flavor. I still have half of the dough in the freezer so I will try infusing the second batch to get closer to my idea of brioche perfection. Is there a recipe that you've always wanted to try but felt like it was blowing your mind? Maybe something you always wanted to taste but haven't? I'd love to know about it. I figure there's no time like now to do something you've always wanted to.

note: please forgive the lack of clear focus in my last two post pics.
My camera is having lens/focusing issues.


  1. Looks good, girlfriend. You planning on bringing some for me when we room together at Type-A_Mom conf? ;-)

  2. it looks delicious! Looks like it was baked by a master pastry chef. :)

  3. Thanks ladies! I will think about baking a few to bring to Ashville.

  4. Oh darn you, now I want to make more Brioche. It's sounds lovely with orange or almond and with ganache? My favorite stuff in the worlds.
    Great job. You've made me want to go to Paris and nibble brioche while taking in the sites! :)


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