Sunday, July 5, 2009

Facebook: A 10 Step Program

1. Avoidance: Maybe if I ignore it my friends will stop hassling me to sign up.
2. The Cave-In: Okay, okay, I'll sign up for an account already.
3. The Timesuck: I am pretty sure I used to have a real life.
4. The Timewarp: People that I knew 20 years ago, but were never friends with, now want to be my BFF...huh.
5. The Upside: I'm in touch with a few dear people that otherwise avoided email & computers, until FB.
6. Think before you Friend: Surveys, invitations to surveys, meaningless crap, obscenity (see #3).
7. Why did I do this again?: Why did I do this again?
8. The Payoff: There's a payoff...where?!
9. Avoidance, part 2: Maybe if I ignore it, it will just go away.
10. Twitter: Ah, this is much better!


  1. LOL! I know what you mean, although I have to confess that I enjoy checking in to see what folks are up to. Esp those I lost touch with so many years ago.

  2. I had to LOL as well! I am not on Facebook yet. You gave me something to think about. Now I'm off to twitter! :)

  3. Just wanted to say hello again and thanks for your comment on my blog. I checked today, and I am still listed as one of your followers. Maybe it was a temporary glitch.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oops I misunderstood. Glad you noticed the problem and resolved it. Welcome back to my blog. :)


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