Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Did somebody say Chocolate?

I love this cookbook! Honestly. Literally. Truly. I just returned it, begrudgingly, to my local library after keeping it longer than I should have. Good thing I have a magic library card with no late fees. As a wise and wonderful woman once told me, when asked why she was turning down dessert at a church picnic: "Honey, if it isn't's not worth the calories." So true. Chocolate Chocolate by Lisa Yockelson, is a dreamy collection of all things (what else) chocolate. I lusted over the images and recipes in this book for weeks! We feasted on fabulous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and went crazy for the best-ever dark chocolate cake glaze. We even had enough glaze leftover to heat up and pour over ice cream last week. I can't say enough good about this book. Lisa has included many personal anecdotes filled with insight & information about the history of the recipes, helpful hints, etc. It would make a great gift for your favorite chocolate lover, a new bride, or even for yourself. If you, like me, frequent the library -- this is one you'll want to check out. I'm not sure why I wrote this post so late at night, what was I thinking? I'm off to bed now to dream about fancy chocolate tortes and piles of fluffy cupcakes...sweet dreams.


  1. yum.
    hm...what shall i have for breakfast?
    cereal and bagels just don't cut it after
    reading this post.

  2. YUM! Chocolate anything is always a winner!
    Karla & Karrie

  3. I am a passionate supporter of chocolate too!


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