Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Lost Lamb

I find creativity and sleep do not often visit me at the same time. Lately I've not been sleeping well or nearly enough. My mind is swimming in a pool of inspiration and yet my body is deeply tired. The nag to create is popping into every activity -- like what can I make this empty cereal box into to give it new purpose? What kind of curtains will I make for my daughters room and when exactly am I going to start on that project? And can I tell you the most ridiculous reoccurring nag I've had lately -- I've actually had the urge to drive and sketch at the same time! I know, it's an incredibly bad idea (and one that I promise not to try). It's obvious to me that my days are too tightly packed. There's no wiggle room left for creative pursuits, acts of whimsy or simply relaxing. So my body and my creative spirit are taking over the only time slot that's left, the night; my should-be-sleeping time. Here I am at midnight typing this post. Morning and her obligations come early. May sweet sleep be yours tonight; tomorrow I pray balance and courage will grace us all!

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