Friday, May 8, 2009

Irony is hell

My kids and I were chilling at Rapunzel's coffeehouse and used bookstore the other day. The kids went on into the store to find something fun to read and a soft sofa to crash on while I ordered myself a chai. A few minutes later, decaf spiced chai in hand, I sat down on a red velvet sofa and looked across the room to see what my tots were up to. Low and behold I see my son reading this – clearly not recommended reading for an 8 yr old. After a good laugh, and snapping this pic, I went over to take a closer look. "What are you reading son?" I said to him. "It's a cartoon book Mom." "Did you read the words on the front of the book?" I questioned. "Yeah" he said. "And you still thought it was a good idea to go ahead and open it up?" I asked. "It's just cartoons Mom, the drawings are cool but the stories are a little weird." Then he paused and said "You would like it," handed me the book and was off to the bookshelf again. 'nuf said ;-)


  1. LOL! I still can't believe that's the little boy who crawled into the guest bed and said "heep" to us!

  2. Leslie, this is just too funny!! Great photo!


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