Monday, March 9, 2009

An Inconvenient Tooth

Sera was messing around with modeling clay the other day and made this funny & colorful mouthful of frightened fruit. I love the way the fruit looks like it’s taken by surprise. She was obviously preoccupied with the idea of her oral surgery last week. This was her 2nd round of it, poor baby. She was a real trooper though. It all went well and she’s recovering nicely.

On a related note, the tooth fairy is apparently on vacation or has decided to go on strike. Two nights of putting 7 teeth under her pillow only to come up empty-handed. Not sure how that happened. I talked with Sera about letting her get a song on her iPod for each tooth. She was thrilled at the offer, but that was coming from Mom and not from the tooth fairy. My bad. In my mind it evened out, but I did not fully translate that to my daughter. So what to do. I think it’s time for me to hunt down the old gal and see what her story is. I’m sure she’s got a perfectly good explanation. She’s obviously a very busy little sprite, buzzing all around the world every night collecting teeth and depositing goodwill – and coins – in their place. I for one, am fully prepared to forgive her. After all, we all get overwhelmed and forget things from time to time... right?


  1. tumbletalk.blogspot.comMarch 10, 2009 at 12:20 PM

    That happened to my daughter one time. I told her there were probably too many teeth that night for the tooth fairy to get to everyone and I was sure she'd come the next night. She wasn't quite accepting that until later that day her friend from the next street came over and told her the same thing had happened to her last night! Her tooth had been under her pillow and the fairy didn't come. Together they figured out that the fairy just didn't get to this part of town. I was lucky, and made sure the tooth fairy came the next night!

  2. Thanks for commenting and sharing your story. I figured I wasn't the only Mom out there that this had happened to. Now for some fancy footwork to make things right, I'll let you know how it goes. I love your blog by the way. I've always dreamed of visiting Cape Cod and hope I can see your store someday. You ladies look like you're having great fun!


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