Monday, January 12, 2009

airing laundry and thoughts

Today I hung out my first load of 2009 line-dry laundry. The clothesline is sadly sagging but it held out. As my chilly fingers fumbled with the clothespins, I found myself dreaming of springtime's sunny breezes and the sound of birds chittering. As I type this post, a gray-haired lady is walking her dog down our street. The dog is sporting a pink & white hoodie, oddly enough with the hood ON. That random dog made me stop and look at myself in the mirror. I see tired eyes staring back at me. Somewhere there's a smile but not today. Today is for taking care of others. Some people think that I am too busy taking care of others and that I don't focus enough on myself. I argue exactly the opposite. I think by taking care of others we ultimately fulfill ourselves. Taking care to do our best, with all we've got, for someone else who can't at that moment. I think that elevates us to a level beyond silky smooth hair and this season's line of fashionable dog hoodies. Just a few rambling thoughts today...I hope they impart something of value.

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