Sunday, December 28, 2008

used books and ghost hunting

Yesterday I found some time to sneak away to a little bookstore, Stone Soup, that I've been wanting to check out since forever. It's a cozy little bookstore and cafe just up the hill from downtown Waynesboro...definitely the best meal I've ever eaten in town. I had butternut squash and pear soup with spinach, red onion, goat cheese and spiced pecan salad. Incredible really! They do this cool half & half thing with their menu where you can chose half-portions of a sandwich, soup or salad. It's a clever way to allow people to try new things without breaking the bank. Says something about their concept of efficiency also. Blake had a ham and swiss sandwich (with extra cheddar of course - being cheese boy requires the addition of MORE cheese) and Sera had a ham and cheddar/mango chutney sandwich. She said it was the perfect balance of salty and sweet. A really nice varied selection of books too in a wonderful vintage 1930's cottage. So there you go! A great lunch, nice atmosphere, very sweet and attentive ladies running the place -- definitely on my fav's list now.

I'm happy to say that today we're just hanging out here at the house. I've been cleaning and starting on my annual new year's reorganization & purgefest. I always get so hyper this time of year. There are a million things that I need to get done before I can really dive into my etsy shop like I want to. And while I spin in my shoes, the kids are ghost hunting with their new crank flashlights. They claim to have seen a critter in the crawlspace with glowing eyes - hrmm, hope they haven't shut the neighbors cat in there! It's nice to be home :-)


  1. That place sounds AMAZING. And just hearing about their menu is making me hungry. I love little places like that.

  2. Browsing books and a delicious meal--that's my kinda afternoon! Here in DC, we love any excuse to stop in to Second Story Books and Books for America. Unfortunately, these places don't have a nice little lunch nook to go with them. For that, we head up Connecticut Avenue to Politics & Prose and their little coffeehouse cafe. Good coffee and sandwiches!


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