Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'm still struggling with being in a funk. Clearly something everyone can relate to at one point or another in their lives. As I pull together my thoughts and to-do list this morning, I'm realizing that it's not only about what I'm going to do:

 ~ I'm finishing up a design proof for a new client
 ~ I'm purging/prioritizing my craft/art closet
 ~ I'm going to remind my kids that I'm here for them and tell them how precious they are to me
 ~ I'm going to create a coupon code for my etsy shop
 ~ I'm putting our Netflix account on hold
 ~ I'm fact finding about ISP service at our new abode
 ~ I'm going to get caught up on our Language Arts lessons
 ~ I'm going to take time to go for a walk
 ~ I'm going to focus on being grateful and present in the moment
 ~ I'm going to make dinner for my family
 ~ I'm going to go to bed early and get some rest

But it's also about what I'm not going to do:

 ~ I'm not going to be angry
 ~ I'm not going to be hard on myself or others
 ~ I'm not going to eat things that make me feel bad
 ~ I'm not going to stress about not doing enough
 ~ I'm not going to be short with my kids or my husband
 ~ I'm not going to feel sorry for myself
 ~ I'm not going to be sad

Today I'm realizing that the not-to-do's are as important as the to-do's. Actually more important because it's about my attitude, focus and appreciation today. And everyday. We all put up roadblocks that make our day easier or harder because of how we see ourselves and how we see situations that we're going through. Honestly, our current situation is a bump in the road. It's an inconvenience more than anything. But to me it feels like a giant sinkhole. I've got to find a way to reframe this emotionally. A way to turn it around and see it as an opportunity.

What are you going through right now? Are you being fair to yourself when you plan out your day? Are you taking time to be gentle with yourself and others amidst the tough stuff?

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  1. I especially enjoyed your what you are not going to do list. I focus too often on what I'm going to do and not what I'm not going to do. The I'm not going to stress about not doing enough really hit home.


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