Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wait a minute

Holiday projects are waiting to be conceived.
Wine, leftover from a recent dinner party, is waiting to be finished off.

Thrifted wool sweaters are waiting to be felted.

Good books and a comfy chair are waiting to be enjoyed.

It's all waiting on me. My attention. Oh how I wish I had the time to spend a full day at my sewing machine; plotting, stitching, making things happen. Time to photograph it all, blog about it, post it and hopefully, sell it! Or just some downtime, that would be sweet. Instead I am making other things happen. Helping a friend in need keep her business afloat while she recovers from some pretty serious surgeries. Stretching myself between everything and still trying to keep homeschooling our top priority. It's all good but it certainly is a different plan than I had for myself and for Liza Jane this fall. Someone told me once that man makes plans and God laughs. While I personally don't believe that God is cynical, I have experienced quite alot of derailment from my plans, especially lately. Seems to be the theme for 2010. My husband's motto is adapt and overcome. I'm trying. I remind myself that we are a homeschool family that works; not the other way around. Priorities in check it's about balancing today the best way we know how. Just like you do. Just like we all do. So tell me, what's waiting on you?


  1. If you are helping a friend and homeschooling then you are sure listening. God calls those he knows can get the job done.


  2. It sounds like you have your priorities just right! Family and friends always come first.

    Right now I am waiting for official paperwork to get a license that I need to work part-time in a field that I really do not want to work in. hehehe I would rather just be making bags but I need extra money so....

    Have a wonderful day and weekend!

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  4. Thanks Momma & Elisa. I've seen a bunch more things that are sitting undone since I posted this (yikes!) I think I'll just stop looking around so much. ;)LOL

    Balancing creativity with your day job, sometimes that's truly a acrobatic maneuver isn't it?!


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