Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Project

This year my son decided he didn't want to give out Valentines. I guess he thinks he's too big for all that sappy stuff. I finally persuaded him by offering to make them together. I broke out the fine point black Sharpie and some scraps of colorful card stock; he agreed to color them in with his hand-me-down Prisma-color colored pencils. I gave him my old set from art school when I upgraded to the Koh-i-noor Woodless Coloured Pencils some time ago. (I love the woodless by the way; the best set of colored pencils I've ever used) We had a great time making these together! I've been playing around with ideas for a line of whimsically-illustrated animals so this was a fun way to get some sketches flowing. I still have a few details to work out but I think the bunny and cat are nearly ready to roll. I have the dog, owl and squirrel to finish up and I want to develop the robots into a series. Then I need to get my homework done on licensing and decide how to offer them. Guess this will be at the top of my summer reading list since I am covered up right now with lesson planning, house-hunting and preparing to move fairly soon.

Hope your Valentine's Day was sweet!


  1. What a lovely idea. You really are talented Leslie. All the best with the house hunting and the move.

  2. Super sweet ( but not too sappy...he he) cards! I'm sure you son had the most unique cards in town.
    Best of luck with your move. Keep us posted. :)


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